Monday, May 26, 2014

be still...sunrise

i am grateful to be doing this class with kim klassen, be still 52...
i finally committed to going to the sunrise and even though i was late, i got there.
it is not a still life, but the two sandpipers were still.  and alive. 
close enough for me :)
rule of thirds, room to breathe, a moment of mindfulness to myself.
mission accomplished.

and, i got back on track with my picture ride. 
this day is starting off right :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

simplify . .

for a retired girl, i have been way busier than i thought i'd be, this 2 0 1 4
but it has been a productive time, so i am going to cling to the glass-half-full mindset.

the condo is on the market, 
all the cats have settled in to the cape house, 
i am making huge progress on the preparations for the HyArt Artist Shanties
that i'm doing in june, 
and the gardens in both houses have been worked on (a little bit, at least).
i keep taking pictures, posting on facebook and for the word-of-the-day photo hunt challenge.  
but the blog, my flickr and housecleaning all keep falling off the to-do list.

i hope to S I M P L I F Y this summer.
until then, i added another to-do for my list - 
i started taking a class from Kim Klassen (
called Be Still and i am very excited about it.  
i know that the first few weeks will be hectic, but the class is for a full year so i will catch up.  
i am longing for the feeling of Be Still.  
and i know i will learn a lot of things, and be inspired. 
it is going to be exactly what i need...
meantime May/June will be a little bit crazy.  
i am multi-tasking.  
my head is muddled. 
but a word-of-the-day was CUP this week and i am going with the 
half-full glass mindset 
as i simplify.
so with no textures, no enhancements at all -
here is a simple half full cup.

which i totally love.
be still my heart :)