Wednesday, March 31, 2010

two by two...

tuesday's word was the number TWO. and with the unending rain, it was time to gather the animals, two by two, and get on board...
i had big hopes for this word but the day floated away with the raging streams and washed out roads. i did capture a few images before heading to work, and a few more on the drive to work. but none met the high hopes i'd had for the day. i may have to do this word TWO times...

Monday, March 29, 2010

secrets to keep...

today's word to photograph was SECRET.
i didn't know what to shoot so i drove around looking for inspiration.
and there, in the mall parking lot was a secret message - a blue balloon. i'd sent them to her to say hello and she just said 'back at ya.'
i went home and pulled out the box of things she saved in her closet. a scrap of fabric, a telegram, a love letter - a box of secrets found after she was gone with no way to know the reasons why she saved them. so i put them in a safe place and i save them too...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

a tall tale

today's word was TALL. i decided it was time for a ride in the city streets instead of the countryside. so i drove to springfield MA. not a city famous for its tall buildings but apparently if you look, you will find.

a picture's worth a thousand words

march 27
so many people are participating in this photo hunt word of the day on facebook. its exciting to see them getting as much out of this game as i have. and their pics are taking the word of the day to a whole new level.
today's word was WORD. i love this one. i went through my collages, i drove around town, i over-shot again. i don't know which to celebrate more today - word or picture. so today i celebrate both through pictures of words...

oldies but goodies

march 26

today's word of the day was old. besides the obvious self-portrait, i was surrounded by old stuff. i went on a ride around town and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating OLD.

the road home

march 24
today was the funeral for mr m, in albany. a day to celebrate a life well led, a family that came together from all over the country. i feel the love raised him up and took him home...
the word of the day was road.
may we all find the many roads back home.

candles to light the way

march 23
a day of light, a day of sadness. we lost a great man, joe muscolino, my sister's father in law. he was from the greatest generation, a man of humility and integrity. today was his wake.
and the word of the day was FIRE. i lit candles in his honor, to light his way to the other side...
we will miss you. say hi to my mom and dad for me.

three's a crowd

march 23
i worked all day in the office, the only human i saw was joey - so CROWD was not a smart word choice. however i found a few crowds at home, then took a ride to a mall and did some stalking of strangers.

there's a crowd of chipmunk stalkers, a crowd of daffodil sprouts, a crowd of pickup trucks and a crowd of people worrying about the crazy person in the handicap parking taking pics through the front door of the long wait at the local red robin restaurant...

color my world

monday march 22

for a gray day, there was a lot of color around...

cross the bridge

march 21
sunday's word of the day was bridge.

i love bridges, have tons of pics of them and i wanted to post those. but the deal is to shoot the word TODAY, so i went in search of bridges.
this is the day i realized i have a serious over-shooting problem. i shot every overpass or underpass on the way from albany to enfield.
since none of those were what i was seeing in my head, i over-shot some more.
joey got involved which made for a lovely afternoon. we took the backroads to our sunday restaurant and stopped at every bridge along the way.
as we got home, the sun was just starting to set. so out i went, looking for another bridge.
thankfully, the sun finally went down and i decided i had crossed the last bridge of the day...

lend a hand

last saturday's word was hand.

i was obsessed all day with hands, drove myself nuts...
i felt like a hand-paparazzi, stalking hands, sneaking pics of hands, re-taking pics of hands.

come to find out, it was just the beginning of the daily word obsession...

catching up...

it's been over a week since i updated this and what a week it was...
it was a week of sadness and loss, of beauty and wonder. a week of pride and commitment, family and friends, work and home and play.
i hope to post my photo-hunt word of the day for each of the days, from saturday to saturday. serendipitous, i apologize for loading up on posts. today, i'm glad you're my only follower. you might wish you weren't :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

visions of friday

today, the word to photograph was VISION. not an easy word, i struggled a lot trying to photograph it. i ultimately went with the theme of vision despite obvious limitations. so i took pictures of mister the one-eyed guy, keeping that one eye on the neighborhood. and his momma, with her homemade bifocals that she wears way too much, even in public.

reflections of thursday

the word of the day was reflections. i saw them everywhere, once i started looking. as i reflect on my images of reflections, i realize that this photo scavenger hunt has made me much more aware of all that is around me. my hope was that it would bring life to my life. and it has and i'm grateful.