Saturday, April 17, 2010

sunday has a feel...

apr 11
photo hunt word of the day was SUNDAY...

if ever there is a day that has a feel, that you can actually capture in a photograph, i believe it is Sunday.

i find that what others find in church, i find in nature. so i spent a good part of the day recognizing God in the world around me.

i started the day at the scary reservoir from friday's word and today, it was a perfect place for peaceful reflection. of course it was, because today was sunday. and as thoreau says - it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

i visited churches and trees and lakes and watched families of strangers sharing their sundays.

then i went home to go to dinner with joey and shared the rest of my sunday with him, my family...

a soft spot..

april 10
photo hunt word of the day was SOFT...

ah, what a day.
i LOVE this day - then and now.

the weather was colder than it looked and every time i went outside, i was disappointed. so i decided to go shopping and on the way, i realized how beautiful all the SOFT colors surrounding me were...
it stopped me in my tracks and i spent the rest of the day celebrating the soft colors of spring. plus i had a twisted softee :)
may go down as one of my all time favorite days. yep. one of the best...

scary stuff

apr 8
the word of the day was SCARY...
another tough word to go out and find. who is picking these words?? oh yeah me. as joey says, it wouldn't be fun if it were easy...

so after great thought, i drove to Six Flags. it's not open yet but i crept up to the fences and shot pics of the roller coasters. the security guards were circling, wondering who the old lady was that was spying on the place. i left them to their imagination and went home for pizza.

i didn't want to show up on facebook with only a lame picture of a still roller coaster, so after pizza, i talked joey into taking me to the reservoir down the street - fast moving black water scares me to death. i got a few shots and had to leave - i then hyperventilated all the way home.

people still made fun of me but i knew i shot SCARY stuff.

you say goodbye...

i say helloooo...

april 8
the photo hunt word of the day was greeting.
i look for words that have multiple interpretations and then couldn't come up with anything. i drove around town - my new daily habit - looking for anything that could be a greeting.
i saw welcome signs all over but the welcome to East Windsor was unique - someone made an effort to customize that greeting - well done!
then it dawned on me - a yellow ribbon. but how do you find that? it's like a needle in a haystack. so i kept driving and driving. finally, there in front of me, much to my surprise, was a house with TWO yellow ribbons tied to their old oak trees. i found i wanted to know the story that prompted the ribbons...
down the same street was a greeting of respect - a serviceman, saluting. i imagine that there's someone in this neighborhood on a tour of duty and the entire neighborhood shows their support...
i ended the day back at home, with my collection of antique postcards from the early 1900's. i include these greetings and say hey to the adventurers that sent the greeting back in the day. i admire you and send greetings, hoping your journeys continue...

a little piece of my HEART...

april 7
is Heart day.

it was a day full of hearts -
old hearts with stories we will never know,
hearts lit from within,
open hearts,
blooming hearts
and two hearts together forever as the sun set
on heart day...

big behind

okay, i am not a little behind in keeping up on this blog. i'm big behind. facebook reaction to the photo hunt word of the day has kept me BUSY. holy freaking moly.
i'm not complaining - really. i'm thrilled that so many people are feeling the same inspiration and motivation that i feel over it. i just wish i didn't also have to work for a living. that just sucks away too much time.
all i want to do is play. 24 hours a day. i want to shoot the word of the day, play endlessly with the images, post them, chat about my and their images, and blog. but in place of blog, i work.
so today, i commit to myself that i will go forward with a daily blog entry. and i will fill in the missing days. all the way back to TINY.
really? it's been THAT long? again, serendipitous, i beg forgiveness. my only follower is going to disown me. at this point, i don't deserve followers.
ok, i need to post heart, greeting, scary, soft, sunday, sky, sound, doorway, round, rock and today's word which is wild. ready, set, go...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the little things

i let joey pick the word of the day and he selected TINY. a little too close to last week's 'baby' but i didn't want to seem picky so i went with it. i regret that.

i drove to Rhode Island and back, which made it very difficult to spot TINY stuff from the car, whizzing by. i drove myself nuts.

however, there in front of me was the welcome sign to the tiniest state in the union. followed by a tiny cemetery in the tiniest state. and then some tiny (ok, just little but close enough on TINY day) lambs in a manger along the road. still can't believe that find, considering i have driven this road for 15 years and never saw the manger before. and last but not least, a tiny little building built into the side of the hill. again - how did i not see this before??

it took TINY day for me to see the little things around me...

get your move on...

monday's photo hunt word of the day was TRANSPORTATION...
people that only ocassionally participate went whole hog on this one, with all us of over shooting.
i went looking for a boat pic and found an old train station running along the CT river with a bridge in the distance - so many forms of transportation over so many years. loved it. it truly was a day to move.

Monday, April 5, 2010

an easter bonnet...

with all the frills upon it...
sunday's photo-hunt word of the day was HAT.

and it was not a good day to be a pet in the extended grady family...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the color PURPLE

p u r p l e

the photo hunt word of the day for saturday was PURPLE.
such a spring color, it was everywhere.
i saw purple cars, purple shirts, purple underwear (ok, that was my own), purple flowers, purple bunny on a purple motorcycle...
purple purple purple
i was on a purple chase. i should have had a purple motorcyle to catch it all...

you gotta have FAITH...

the word of the day on Good Friday was FAITH...
it was a day to believe in higher power, to hope for a bright future for all, and to have a strong faith in something bigger than ourselves.

i can't say that i had lost faith, but i can surely say that i gained faith on this very Good Friday...

Friday, April 2, 2010

a new life...


word of the day was BABY.
nature is a powerful force and today's word was a reminder of the cycle of life.
it was a day to celebrate a new beginning.

from the buds on the trees, to the shoots poking up through the ground, to the foals on the hillside grazing in the sunset... mother nature is forever giving us new life. i ended the day with a much needed attitude adjustment.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


looking in or looking out?
looking to the future or looking to the past?
wanting to be on the other side?
or grateful for where i am?

windows - i don't know why, but i love them...