Friday, October 24, 2014

p-town art :)

yesterday, we drove up to provincetown and dropped off my 3 images for an art show i am in 10/31-11/7.  

it is a thrill to be included in the provincetown art world - a town that, since childhood, felt like the place where artists go to "art".  i am longing to call my mother and tell her. instead, i have to trust that she knows. 

my mother was a fabulous painter and i remember p-town as an artist mecca.  she seemed like a different, more complete, person when we went there.  i remember the artists along the main street in town and remember imagining her sitting in those booths, painting.  
the booths are gone but the galleries and the artists in town remain. 
and the connection to her spirit - the wilder side of her - also remains :)

i am proud to be included in this small way, in this artist community.  :)
and i know she is proud as well.  
i love you, miss you, mom, more than words can say . . .

Monday, October 20, 2014

sweet autumn stuff

it has been a pretty fall.
crazy busy for about a month and then a total slowdown....
glad to have the time to stop and look around :)

bittersweet and beach grass together.  i love cape cod in the fall :)

and misty mornings on the cranberry bogs...

 and leaves. lots of leaves.

fall is currently my favorite season :)

all textures from Kim Klassen