Monday, May 27, 2013

the light . .

sometimes the light that speaks to me, that shows me the way, is hard to find.
i can get lost in an instant...
or i can unknowingly be lost for a while.
when i realize that the light is gone,
it takes a whole bunch of alone time to get it back.
my mind needs silence, my soul needs nature
and my spirit needs to spill out of a pen onto paper
for me to get where i can see again.
today i thankfully found the light...
i remember again where my passion for photography comes from.
i somehow have to keep this moment of awareness
so when the light fades again,
and i find myself looking to etsy, flickr, facebook, blogs for outside approval,
i can return to this post and remember...
it is not what people think of me that feeds me.
it's the photography that feeds me.
it's the beauty in the world around me.
when i look through the lens, i see things that i otherwise would miss.

when i look at a photograph of an ordinary thing,
it looks like the awesome-ness of a God that created it.
when i capture something that could be totally insignificant,
and see it instead at the beautiful thing that it is,
i find the light.
when i get into other people's heads,
i lose my soul.
i am posting this message to myself and
hope i don't have to go here again.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

where fairies live :)

i remember spending rain storms with my sisters, in our backyard,
looking for fairies under the toadstools.
these flowers brought back those wonderful memories...
how i longed to really see them, float and twirl and dance...
glistening with water drops...
sweet fairy land, even if it was only in my mind :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

life after work :)

i feel like i'm on an extended vacation, or playing hooky from work.
like i should be in a studio instead of driving to the river.  the guilt hits and then, i remember that its ok, i retired.  what a wonderful feeling :)
i wandered the neighborhood this week, and had a ball...
gardens are in bloom and i am seeing it all with new eyes, thanks to my macro lens.
i can then spend time playing with textures and software. 
again - no guilt. 
well, except for the dustbunnies in the corners, the cat hair on the rugs,
and the laundry i need to put away. 
even though i retired, and my hours are my own,
i've been working on my etsy shop, my facebook page and life feels really full.
in a good way :)
visit me there if you can, i would love it!
and here is the etsy shop...
thanks for your support!!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

may love

i am helping out at the local plant store this week -  just a few days to help them through the busiest week of the year.
spring planting and mother's day makes things a bit crazy for them. 
this place is literally in my backyard.
7 of our cats came from litters that were born in the nursery's greenhouses. 
the people that own the place are wonderful. 
so spending some hours surrounded by spring flowers and great people...
it doesn't get much better :)
i offered to put together a facebook page for them,
and got to photograph the entire place.
flowers, statues, flowers, garden art and ... more flowers :)
this is one of the pics, more to follow...
check it out when you get a chance - it is brand new and will evolve but you can get a feel for this cool little neighborhood nursery...
click on the link below to see the page :)
The Growth Co

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her Floral Love...

Floral Love

Sunday, May 5, 2013

simple little things...

this week was about the little things and
all the beauty that is spring...

pulling this post together made me think of this picture
from last spring...
it was one of the first pics
where i applied what i was learning in Kim Klassen's class 'beyond layers'. 
it seemed like a little thing at the time
but it was ultimately a very big thing in my life.
as i started her class, the first assignment was to create a class goal based on six words. mine was 'learning how to measure me myself '
the post can be found here:
i've always thought of myself as an artist,
and others saw me as a photographer.
with post-processing techniques,
i became - in my own mind -
a photographic artist. 
and THAT my friends, is a big deal.
for the first time in my 58 yrs,
the way i see myself comes before how others see me.
and omg.  i see me as a photographic artist.
W O W.
it feels good, it feels like progress and it feels like what i see myself as matters, to me.
thank you, kim klassen. 
from the bottom of my heart :)