Thursday, August 7, 2014

before and after

i love photography
i also love paintings
combining the two loves is an art all in itself
i now love painted photography :)

for this image, i first opened it in snapseed to straighten the horizon and sharpen the details.
then i brought it into Photoshop (elements 9) and cloned out some distracting grass in the bottom corner 
and a branch in the top right. 
i added a layer of Kim Klassen's texture (KK_99) at 35% soft light and saved that image. 
 i again went into snapseed, added some drama and grunge, and saved again :)
Finally, back in photoshop, i added a texture layer from Melissa Gallo's Painted Texture (Confetti Canvas). 
i kept that in normal mode, then painted some of the texture layer off.   
i loved the way it changed the image, and gave it such a vintage feel :)

here is the original image...