about me

I am a young girl in a getting-older body.  mostly i don't mind that, but sometimes it's pretty shocking.

i live with joey, and we are a perfect match. we lived together 28 yrs before getting married in 2008. we met at work and find our best self in each other, and we both knew it from the get-go.  over the years, we continue to be family to each other, and have added cat after cat after cat to our clan.  not on purpose - they find us, we do not go looking - but we're hoping that the eleven that we have will be enough.  they keep us busy.

i am an identical twin.  my sister, marilyn, is my best friend.  we have shared so much over the past 58 yrs - from things as big as parents and siblings or as little as a love of key west.  we truly are soulmates and we both feel extremely fortunate to have had the experience of this amazing relationship. i think only another twin probably will understand the size of the bond being an identical twin creates.  what a blessing, how lucky am i??

i am a sister. i love my older sister kathy and my younger brother butch with all my heart. we all are family first but friends always.  another blessing...people who i would choose for family ARE family.  again, how lucky am i??

i am an aunt. my siblings each have 2 children, each a boy and a girl.  my nieces and nephews are the children that joey and i didn't have. we are lucky to love them and call them friends - they ARE the coolest people, every single one of them. lucky again? you betcha

and i am a photographer. i have been drawn to pictures since childhood. i love people pictures, they fascinate me. so much so that i became a retail portrait photographer in 1979. it was my 30th job - i was a job hopper, thanks to a very short attention span - and when i got this job, i found myself.  i've been at this job now for 30-something years and have loved it almost every day :)   i now am a district manager for 17 portrait studios in retail stores, making the job more retail than photography some days (hence the loved-it-almost-every-day comment). doing something i love and making money at it, for a lifetime?  i repeat myself here, but how lucky am i??

and as joey and i move towards retirement, and look to a future that allows us both to focus on interests, hobbies, travel, etc, instead of work, we have bought a second home, a retirement home, at cape cod.  it is a very modest home, a mile or two from the beach and will accomodate the both of us and our cat gang.  soon.  we're remodeling the 'beach' house, traveling the 2-3 hours to the cape from our home in connecticut regularly, getting it ready, and having a ball.  my sister kathy and my brother butch both have houses there too, so i get to be near family again - having moved away from home in 1982 for work, it is awesome to gather close with those i love.  still hoping to get marilyn there too, but visiting works for now! 
so that is my story. 

my blog is about my life and the beauty that is everywhere around me...
here in connecticut, out at the cape, back home in albany ny where i grew up...
it is my thoughts on getting older, being a twin, a partner, a sister, a cat parent...
it is about photography and learning new tools, new techniques, sharing my vision and learning from yours.

i love the online community and the way it opens up the whole world.  i love meeting new people, getting to see their world through their eyes, it fascinates me. i hope to share my world with you, because to me, it is filled with beautiful people, places and things.  welcome, glad to have you here :)

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