Thursday, August 29, 2013

texture tuesday

something about this - no wait, EVERYTHING about this -
pleases me :)
enhanced lightly with at least one of Kim Klassen's textures
can't remember which one(s) but it added a painterly feel, just perfectly :)

home again...

I got to spend a few days in Connecticut this week, which was wonderful.
can you miss a road, a tree, a fence?  yup, you can...
good to be home for a bit :)


I love this place and will miss it greatly when we move...
until then, I hope to appreciate every little thing,
not only the look
but the feel...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the sun, the moon and the stars...

this morning, I got myself all the way out of the house for the sunrise.
I've been seeing it from my couch lately because I have been lazy.
and today, I saw what I've been missing...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


the seed head of a painted daisy in late day sun...
the petals are gone, but the beauty remains...

my gerber daisy sprouted another bloom :)
she's not quite ready to show her face...
my begonia drops it petals in a messy pile on the floor,
and I went to clean them up and toss them out.
as I scooped them up, I realized that,
like the painted daisy in the first image above,
a flower past its prime is still beautiful.
these petals looked like fairies or butterflies
and had the same mystical magic...
all of the images were enhanced with combinations of snapseed,
actions from pioneer woman,
and the gerber daisy has textures from kim klassen.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

catching up on August Break...

I do stay pretty much on track, photographing the word of the day.
I also am somewhat consistent posting on facebook "photo hunt word of the day' page.
I just have been terrible at getting the pics on flickr or this blog.
no excuses, just...well, not good.
so here is a huge bunch of catch-up....
august 7 - skyline
rock harbor, cape cod...
my sister and I are trying to see each of the top 10 sunsets of cape cod together.
I found a link online that listed the 'top 10'
and it's given us some great sister-time this summer.
however, this beach was not listed.
I plan to post pics of the top eleven, once we are done :)
august 8 - a selfie
window into me.
or  more accurately, into an old library in Hyannis...
august 9 - taste
rainy cold summer day at the cape.
so joey and I drove to Falmouth with every other tourist that was looking for something to do on a rainy vacation day. it took 2 hrs instead of 45 minutes to get there but we got lucky, found a parking spot near a wonderful restaurant and had
a fabulous lunch...
august 10 - red
dinner with family at one of the sunset beaches,
mattakeese wharf restaurant in Barnstable.
a little cape cod red in the sunset...
august 11 - play
boys at play on a beautiful day at the shore...
august 12 - far away
finally went home to CT for a couple of days. 
this is my favorite road back home...
august 13 - home
my little old man, Mister, the one-eyed guy, is still in CT. 
when I was home, he never left my side. when I sat, he sat next to me.
when I went to the kitchen or the bathroom or upstairs, he was right there.
I think it's time to take him to the cape. we've been worried about how he'd handle the ride and the move, but it appears he is getting lonely for us and that hurts my heart.
time to get mister's bags packed :)
august 14 - stillness
sun setting over the Connecticut River...
august 15 - books
I took some old books, painted them white and added some black lettering. 
 I love them and they look nice in the cape cod bedroom.
august 16 - floral
my begonia.
an old one that I take inside, each winter, and put back on the deck for summer. 
it is a beauty.
I used a French-kiss texture to add the words
and a grunge texture from kim klassen.
it was fun to play with images again, been in the garden so long this summer,
I've been too tired to edit much of anything. looking forward to fall and a bit more time to play with all the pics I took this summer :)
I am grateful to Susannah and August Break for the focus. it's been great fun :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

august break :)

I get the shooting done
it's the posting that's falling by the wayside...
 (the link for Susannah's blogpost on augst Break 2013 is on the right sidebar)
august 4 - love...
a little romance on the beach...
 and some brotherly love on the couch...
august 5 - close ups
brown eyed susan :)
 green eyed pony-boy :)
august 6 - diagonals...
framing the sunset...

and an egret...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

over the rainbow...

there was a wild thunderstorm last night at cape cod.
it made a whole bunch of noise but didn't really produce much rain,
except spits here and there,
but it did produce a lovely rainbow.
I followed the rainbow to the beach, hoping for something awesome -
i'd never seen a rainbow at the ocean before.
I didn't get the pot of gold they talk about,
but the lighting and the scenery were spectacular. 
none of the pics I took truly capture the magic
but whenever I look at them, I will remember. 
there wasn't a little pot of gold waiting for me on the beach
but there certainly was magic, just the same :)