Tuesday, February 26, 2013

spring dreams :)

to everything
there is a season
and a time for every purpose under heaven...

image was enhanced a bazillion ways,
with pioneer woman's actions,
snapseed software and
multiple textures from kim klassen, including 1402magic and canvasback...
here is the original image...

Monday, February 18, 2013

one sweet week :)

starting on sunday, the day after the blizzard,
it was a week of overload...
we dug out on saturday in Connecticut where the snow at house was only 2 feet deep.  in other parts of our little state, they got up to 40 inches. 
and they are still digging out, 9 days later....
so sunday, we headed to the cape to see how our little house 
took the hurricane force winds and heavy snow. 
it was a one day trip - in and out on the same day -
and made for a very long day for both of us. 
joey doesn't do long drives without whining and i am the worst rider ever. 
especially when he's driving. 
but our house was intact, the power there had come back on,
we had a lovely dinner and the ride home DID end. 
so all was good :)
and i got to take pics from the truck as he drove,
which made the ride a little more bearable...
the rest of the week was work-overload,
from morning to night...
i was in the office, on the phone for hours, and it was grueling.
but i was able to sit near a window and see the birds on the deck
which sure adds beauty to a workday :)
and my valentine surprised me with a bouquet of tulips and iris :)
and we got great news at an appointment with rest of our lives :) :)
so the week of overload ended on a high note and turned into
one sweet week :)




Monday, February 4, 2013

playtime :)

after a week of all-work/no-play, i was ready for the weekend...
a week of vacation at cape cod, followed by a week of catching up at work meant the house was dirty.   luckily for me, joey thinks he's the better housecleaner.  he likes to give me instructions, and demonstrations, on how i should clean stuff.  as annoying as that can be at times, i am not a fool.  my housework gets done by mr. know-it-all and we're both happy with the results :)
so saturday morning, i went to the river and took pics. lots of pics. then i played with the pics almost all day.
on sunday morning, i ran to the park, before enduring my weekly cleaning lesson...i helped with some housework and then played with pics for the rest of the day. 
joey and i both thought it was pretty much a perfect weekend. 
am i a lucky girl or what?

just a quick note....imagine the housework in this beautiful home...
as beautiful as it is, i bet they didn't get playtime over the weekend....