Sunday, April 27, 2014

lost and found...

around 4 months ago, my blog access changed.  
i don't know why it happened but it made it almost impossible to post anything without a bazillion steps. being a lazy girl,  i got lost and drifted away.  however, i missed it alot. 
so i am decided to apply myself, figure out what happened - or at least how to live with it - and come back home...
it is good to be here.

i have been crazy busy.  we have the condo in CT on the market, finally.   that was all-consuming and we crossed the finish line on the day before Easter.  oddly enough, last year, on the day before Easter, I retired.  big milestones, back to back :)  
we loved this condo, it was the first place we ever bought and it is hard to move on.  it is also the first place we ever sold and we never knew how much work went into putting something on the market.  wow.

we have moved ten of the eleven cats.  one crazy hold-out - tony baloney - is avoiding capture.  he is missing his cat family and we're all sad over the separation of the gang.  however, a new cat-trap is on the way and we hope to join all the rave reviews and success stories online in about a week.   
get in the cage, tony-the-tiger.   please.  we are begging ya....

it has been a cold spring, both at cape cod and connecticut.  
the trees are starting to flower though and it is a beautiful thing to see.  


as much as i thought this past winter was just beautiful,
it is so good that spring is here.
"Breathless, we flung us on a windy hill, Laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass."
~Rupert Brooke