Saturday, November 10, 2012

yellow boy saga...

we, like the rest of the northeast, spent a chunk of last weekend cleaning up after hurricane sandy.  as we did that, we kept an eye out for the little yellow cat that we spotted more than a few times since Sandy blew through.
we fed him night and day, worried night and day, as well.
there was another bad storm heading our way this past wednesday and both joey and i wanted this little boy safe and sound for the storm.
so tuesday morning,
i took the serious step of setting the trap. 
i always hate doing this because.
first, it really scares the animal and this guy was already very skittish. 
and second, if it works, what am i going to do with this guy if he gets into the trap?
but the concern about his well-being,
and our ability to weather the worry, won out.
and the trap was set.
less than 15 minutes later, he was caught! 
i brought the squirming hissing ball of yellow fur upstairs to the 'rescue safety zone' - the office bathroom. i foolishly opened the trap to let him out before i removed the stuff fom the counters and shelves. next thing i knew, the yellow boy was jumping 8 ft in the air, like a maniac, trying to find a way out.  he was leaping up the wall, across the room, hanging from the molding and the lip of the mirror. it was a freaking circus. toothbrushes, handsoap, candles, clock - all were flying around the room with the flying wallenda brother in the bathroom. OMG
over the next few hours, i checked on him several times, and could see he was adjusting a little better to his new surroundings. i had put a carrier, litter box and soft pillow along with food in there to ease his adjustment, and tried to leave him alone.  he ate the food, piddled on the pillow, and finally hid in the carrier.
but the acrobatics had ended.
three days later -
he is still in the bathroom, safe and warm.
the snowstorm did its damage, but thankfully, not to the little yellow boy.
what we do with him now is still an unknown. 
but he lets me come in and sit with him.
i sing (very badly) songs to him which he seems to enjoy :) 
his favorite seems to be 'away in a manger'...i think the words speak to his personal story, and his years of laying his sweet head in the hay.  but i could be imagining that.
 we are going to have to figure out
what the longterm plan is for yella fella,
but for now the next step is to attempt to touch him.  
AND for us both, yella boy and me,  to live through the attempt.
wish us luck


  1. how nice of you to take this kitty in! having two cats of my own and can completely picture how he freaked out in his new surroundings...i am sure he will come round eventually. i love your header photo very much. thanks for your lovely comments over at my bloggy....
    p.s. your "word verification" is difficult to read and may keep followers from commenting...i removed mine and have had no issues with spam.

    1. i appreciate your comment, thank you! yellow boy is still struggling but making progress :)
      i didnt even know that i had word verification - i took it off and want to thank you for letting me know... thanks, erin!!