Friday, April 5, 2013

friday has a feel...

when i was dreaming of retirement,
i wondered if friday would still be special on the other side.
i am happy to report that yes, yes it is :)
today is friday.
it's going to be a beautiful spring day here in enfield connecticut.
i don't have to punch in.  at all.
i can wander and ponder.  or not :)
and tomorrow is the weekend.  (which is also all mine. hah!)
and today is Floral Friday at MONA'S
yep. it is a good day :)


  1. Happy happy Friday friend :)
    Your macro is gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining Floral Love!

  2. Lovely! I wish you a sunny weekend!

  3. Exciting and funny picture viewing.
    Have a nice sunny week :-)

  4. Gorgeous Macro, I wish I had a macro lens!