Wednesday, December 4, 2013

it's december :)

finally, the big slow-down I was searching for... :)
I am not sure where the rest of 2013 will lead us but, for now,
I am feeling like both joey and I live in the same house and that we both are retired. 
and that is not only enough, it is everything. 
more smiles :)

yesterday, I read on facebook that snowy owls are unexpectedly migrating to the cape.
I dropped everything, got in the car and rode around searching.
I didn't find a single owl but I did find happiness. 
it is December and I am able to 'drop everything' and take a ride.
for a girl who has spent a long life in retail, this is big  :)

joey is cooking at the cape cod house.
in the kitchen, not on the grill.
it finally feels like home.
the first thing we bought when we got the house were the new appliances.
that was in the summer of 2011. 
it's been a bit of a wait for him to turn on the stove, but he's getting back in the groove
for a girl who hates to cook, this too is big :)

I got to decorate the cape cod house.
not only for Halloween (a first ever, since we have no kids)
and tweaking autumn touches for Thanksgiving,
and now for Christmas.
for a girl who lives for HGTV and stalks pinterest,
getting to decorate is more than fun.  it is big fun :)

so again, I have no idea where the rest of 2013 will go,
but so far, December has been good stuff.
on that note, I am heading out to look for snowy owls
wish me luck :)

adding a few random pics to go with the random thoughts...



  1. Best of luck on your search. Your pictures from your round-about are simply delightful.

    1. thanks so much, nicki!
      ps - I didn't find any snowy owls but had a wonderful time looking :)