Wednesday, December 24, 2014

traditions :)

traditions begin without knowing...
they start out little, not knowing they are destined to hold that big spot in our hearts that we call 'traditions'
you can't create them, you can only recognize them
yesterday, joey and i realized we have created some new Christmas traditions.
it was a lovely moment, recognizing that history still happens 

after years - thirty-plus together and many more, prior to 'us' -  
christmas eve meant big family gatherings, hors d'ouevres, laughter, noise, presents, love and tight schedules
we tried to keep that going after 2008 but it never fell into place like we'd all hoped
let go, marie
move forward, marie :)
softly, i heard it at first
but it's louder now
almost a scream :)

so together, joey and i, we will make a special christmas eve dinner
we will set the table (big deal!)
and then we will relax 
we've done this since 2010 but it never seemed like a tradition before
it seemed like the absence of one...

but i realize in the wisdom of my old age, my 60's (lol),
this is what we do on Christmas Eve 
and we love it
it is us, it is special 
and it is tradition 

merry Christmas eve to us all, 
hope your day is filled with something special, 
and may we all recognize 'special' when we see it
joy to the world

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