Monday, May 2, 2011

'you are magical'

spring in new england is a wonderful thing...

it may have been a long time coming this year,
but as always, it was worth the wait.

today i want to celebrate LIFE.
with all the news of death - tornado damage, japan, bin laden -
i need to focus on life.

i walked for hours over the past few days,
wandering and pondering,
through the paths of fanny stebbins wildlife sanctuary. 

as my vacation came to an end, i found that the beauty of life renewing itself was exactly what i needed. 

looking forward, watching good things come to life gives me hope...
as i was wandering back to my car, i came across this last bit to ponder...
there in the path was a message -
from somewhere to someone,
a message written in the dirt...

so in the hopes that i can tap into this magic,
i pray for a future
where peace and life
is a cause for celebration world wide.

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