Monday, April 25, 2011

change of plans...

all i wanted to do on my vacation was wander and ponder.
but somewhere in the my brain was a list of things i intended to get done on my vacation such as garden, paint the office, introduce outside guy to the inside gang, go to cape cod and buy a house, take pictures and submit to the big contest at work, start exercising, write more...
so i started off by breaking my arm...

i believe that changes the plans. the whole list is up in the air. i have to figure out some new techniques for brushing my teeth or feeding the cats. or feeding myself, for that matter.

i believe that now, i may just wander and ponder...
not a bad way to spend my vacation after all,,,


  1. Oh-so-sorry ... hope your feeling okay! Enjoy your wondering and pondering and when is the cast signing party? ;)

    The Purple Goddess

  2. thanks! i got to ponder, but no wander. i will drive tomorrow to dr, cant wait. and THEN i will wander ;)