Wednesday, January 25, 2012

old days, old times, old friends...

the theme for this week's "texture tuesday" is 'story'...
i decided i am going to use this theme as inspiration every day this week.

this first story involves vehicles...
i am not a car person. 
 i can't tell what brand a vehicle is when i look at; and i don't care what it is. 
 but i can describe, in detail, every car i ever owned...

my car is my home.  i'm in it a lot. 
 my job involves driving and i also drive for fun every day. 
 my rav4, which i am in love with, is one of my best friends. 
 we've traveled over 200,000 miles together.  
if a car could talk, my old girl would have some stories to tell. 

so when i see old cars, i see stories..
makes me wonder about the miles traveled and the roads that led to here...
i honor them and all who loved them :)

enhanced with kim klassen's zuzu texture


  1. This is a very cool photo to begin with! So great that you caught a line of old trucks like that. The way you processed this and your use of the textures is perfect!

  2. thank you! it was hours of fun, glad you liked it. i liked it too :)