Monday, January 23, 2012

while i wait...

in october, i dropped off my favorite nikon lens to get fixed.
 i have missed it terribly.
three months later, it still isn't back.  
they have been 'waiting for parts' all this time. 
apparently, the tsunami in japan impacted manufacturing...

over the past 3 months, i have been lost without my lens.  i felt blind, like i lost my vision...
sometimes i got angry at nikon.
then i would remind myself of the true losses from the tsunami -
 loss of life,of homes, of memories,
of the past, of the future -
and i would find my patience, regain my compassion, stop whining about my lens...

this weekend, i reached a decision...
nikon needs my support :)
so i went and bought another lens.

not only is this my show of support for nikon -
i will not let you down, i cannot switch brands, i apparently love you -
it also is a gift to me...

i was able to see again.

the first picture with my new 55mm-300mm lens...
it's not my 70mm-300mm, but it will hold me over while i wait...


  1. your new lens takes great pics marie !
    but i think you could take a great pic with any camera or lens !

    1. Stunning Marie, both pictures and inspiration!
      (Truer words have never been spoken Mike. )

  2. aww thank you mike! but i learned this past few months that equipment plays a part in what i see -could be the old blind eyes :)

  3. i agree about the eyes. i am often amazed at what i can see on the screen that i did not notice behind the camera. yours is a lovely photo. btw, i have the same lens and i adore it.

    1. chris, it is the best lens ever :)
      i am thankful for zoom lenses, computer screens (and glasses) these days!