Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i am on vacation, trying to use my vacation hours before they expire in mid-june. 
as i got ready to check out for a week, the activity level increased to a point where i was truly overwhelmed.  when i got to that elusive moment when i was actually ON VACATION, i closed down - i went from total overload all the way to a complete slow down.

i spent a great weekend with family, wandered around cape cod with joey, eating our way from hyannis to provincetown.  everywhere, it was evident that summer has arrived on the cape.
it was wonderful.

but joey went back to work yesterday and i was feeling pretty lonely out here, just me and the cat. 
on the other hand, i need some alone time. 
my biggest goal for this vacation was to figure out how to go forward
with less frenzy, more peace. 

so i took a ride to the bay beaches at sunset,
hoping for some pictures that could give me a direction for my future. 
it was beautiful, quiet, peaceful...

after i got home to the cottage, i went online to see what the
 'beyond layers' challenge was for the week. 
it is QUOTE week - each day has a word prompt
and the goal is to find a quote for the word
and, in whatever way you want, absorb the quote for the day.
i was late but not too late to make that happen -
the word was peace and
i believe that for a little while, if not forever,
i found it :)

a great quote from martin luther king and 'golden' texture from kim klassen

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