Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a gray day...

everywhere i looked,
there were different shades of gray...
i think i counted 50 shades :)


sidenote - oddly enough, on the day that the photo challenge was 'something gray,'
the world cooperated with a gray day. 
i decided to stop at a cemetery after shooting at Gray's Beach on the cape
and see if i could get gray headstones. 
i took a bunch of pics and spooked myself -
not the best idea since i am here alone at the cape -
but when i went home and uploaded the images,
i realized that this headstone was honoring a woman named Rebecca Gray. 
so on this day, 10/2/12, almost 150 yrs after she died,
on 'something gray' day,
i too honor Rebecca Gray  :)

and another odd thing - i JUST realized that the texture i used to enhance the gravestone shot was kim klassen's 'partings'   it all comes together sometimes, doesn't it :)


  1. Did you need to smoke a cigarette after that? (Great photos!)

  2. what a serendipitous series of happenstance!! BEautiful photography!!

    1. it was all weirdly linked, i loved it :)