Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a note to self...

dear self,
you are going down that old familiar late-october path
to peak season hell in the portrait studio. 
you have gritted your teeth into pieces, literally. 
your head feels like it is swollen from too much activity. 
your back is already crippling you and its only mid-october.
your driving foot is in spasms and your stomach is joining your driving foot
in the dance of the stressed-out district manager body parts.
you are closing in on 60,
and your parts should not be put through this kind of pressure. 
they won't make it thru to the other side
without telltale signs of what you're doing to yourself. 

but because you're older,
you know more than you used to.
and that is adding even more stress.
this is the 33rd peak season
you've gone thru and you do know
what it takes to make it better. 
THAT is what is stressing you out.
let it go. 
look for sweet smiles, look for good stuff and look away from the stuff
that amps up the impulse to
fix-fix-fix before it's too late. 
there is no fix that can hold up totally, there is no fix that will make it all okay for everybody. 
let them learn their lessons, let them apply lessons from other years, & let the f#@k go.  got it?

now, today, this week...what will make that difference? 
more wandering, less conference calls? 
more conference calls, less wandering? 
 i am thinking less wandering and less conference calls. 
its time for a work-life balance readjustment. 
and today is the day. 

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