Monday, February 4, 2013

playtime :)

after a week of all-work/no-play, i was ready for the weekend...
a week of vacation at cape cod, followed by a week of catching up at work meant the house was dirty.   luckily for me, joey thinks he's the better housecleaner.  he likes to give me instructions, and demonstrations, on how i should clean stuff.  as annoying as that can be at times, i am not a fool.  my housework gets done by mr. know-it-all and we're both happy with the results :)
so saturday morning, i went to the river and took pics. lots of pics. then i played with the pics almost all day.
on sunday morning, i ran to the park, before enduring my weekly cleaning lesson...i helped with some housework and then played with pics for the rest of the day. 
joey and i both thought it was pretty much a perfect weekend. 
am i a lucky girl or what?

just a quick note....imagine the housework in this beautiful home...
as beautiful as it is, i bet they didn't get playtime over the weekend....


  1. these are stunning!! the birds, the lamposts, the light in the photos. just beautiful!!

    1. thank you, chris! it was fun taking them and just as much fun playing with the images with snapseed software... that and a little dusting of snow helped a lot! :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful images!! You can feel the joy you experienced making them! Thanks for sharing!