Sunday, January 27, 2013

winter vacation...

i needed a vacation bad.   my sister needed a vacation, also bad. 
key west wasn't an option this year. 
so we went to cape cod during one of the worst cold spells in years. 
it was utterly perfect :)
we sat on our couches in our soft pants,
with our laptops, and worked - or played :) - with stuff. 
pictures for me, etsy/facebook for her...
it was a week of art
and snacks and beers
and fires in the fireplace
and hgtv (or the bachelor, or american idol)
and sunrises in the snow and rides to the beaches
and dinners at some of our favorite restaurants... o m g.  
who needs the heat from the sun
when there is good company and hours for putzing?? 
we could not have asked for more...

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