Wednesday, December 24, 2014


new decade in my life...
new family dynamic...
new traditions, new home, new surroundings...
missing the old ways, my family, the different milestones that marked the journey to Christmas...

this year has been one marked by moving forward, leaving the past behind.  in so many ways.
some days, i shook off yesterday like a madman
other days, i believe i clung

christmas is no different

so as the year closes in on it's last day, 
i am going to let the past surround me 
and then, 
one more time,
 i will let go.  
i will cross the bridge to 2015, 
to the silver sixties, to the second wind in my life 
with a big let go.  
some will see the change in me, some will never know

i am almost there

a l m o s t . . .


  1. this is such a lovely post, so full of emotion and resolve. love the bridge connection and your photo. sixty is the new forty - i hope.