Friday, December 12, 2014

holiday spirit

memories of holidays never included the ocean before.  
it is a beautiful place to spend december.  
but it does not yet feel like Christmas. 

so much of holidays past were driven by retail photography craziness, 
along with frantic rushing to shop in whatever few minutes i could find.  
now, we don't buy presents for each other nor do we work.  
our family is pretty far away.  
it has not felt holiday-ish yet...

so we find Christmas where we can and create new memories and traditions.   
and we consciously count our blessings
we are together.
we are happy and healthy and stress-free. 

 we have Christmas right here on cape cod
 it is our place, 
a link in its own way to our past and and to our future.

turns out, the Christmas spirit IS everywhere

1 comment:

  1. "Happy, healthy and stress free" wow what gifts you are already enjoying every day not just once a year where they are all nicely wrapped and can be opened only once.