Saturday, April 17, 2010

big behind

okay, i am not a little behind in keeping up on this blog. i'm big behind. facebook reaction to the photo hunt word of the day has kept me BUSY. holy freaking moly.
i'm not complaining - really. i'm thrilled that so many people are feeling the same inspiration and motivation that i feel over it. i just wish i didn't also have to work for a living. that just sucks away too much time.
all i want to do is play. 24 hours a day. i want to shoot the word of the day, play endlessly with the images, post them, chat about my and their images, and blog. but in place of blog, i work.
so today, i commit to myself that i will go forward with a daily blog entry. and i will fill in the missing days. all the way back to TINY.
really? it's been THAT long? again, serendipitous, i beg forgiveness. my only follower is going to disown me. at this point, i don't deserve followers.
ok, i need to post heart, greeting, scary, soft, sunday, sky, sound, doorway, round, rock and today's word which is wild. ready, set, go...

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