Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the little things

i let joey pick the word of the day and he selected TINY. a little too close to last week's 'baby' but i didn't want to seem picky so i went with it. i regret that.

i drove to Rhode Island and back, which made it very difficult to spot TINY stuff from the car, whizzing by. i drove myself nuts.

however, there in front of me was the welcome sign to the tiniest state in the union. followed by a tiny cemetery in the tiniest state. and then some tiny (ok, just little but close enough on TINY day) lambs in a manger along the road. still can't believe that find, considering i have driven this road for 15 years and never saw the manger before. and last but not least, a tiny little building built into the side of the hill. again - how did i not see this before??

it took TINY day for me to see the little things around me...

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