Saturday, April 17, 2010

scary stuff

apr 8
the word of the day was SCARY...
another tough word to go out and find. who is picking these words?? oh yeah me. as joey says, it wouldn't be fun if it were easy...

so after great thought, i drove to Six Flags. it's not open yet but i crept up to the fences and shot pics of the roller coasters. the security guards were circling, wondering who the old lady was that was spying on the place. i left them to their imagination and went home for pizza.

i didn't want to show up on facebook with only a lame picture of a still roller coaster, so after pizza, i talked joey into taking me to the reservoir down the street - fast moving black water scares me to death. i got a few shots and had to leave - i then hyperventilated all the way home.

people still made fun of me but i knew i shot SCARY stuff.

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