Thursday, December 29, 2011


for the past nine months, i have been trying to teach myself photoshop. this is not an easy thing to figure out on your own.  in an effort to learn stuff faster, i started poking around the internet. i followed blogs, read 'recipes'... and i experimented.  endlessly.

this week, it became an O B S E S S I O N.

being that i am on vacation, i wanted to go to cape cod but that didn't happen. i didn't read a book or take a walk, or go for a ride, or go shopping, or even watch HGTV.  nope.  didn't do much of anything, except experiment with photoshop.   i got up at 530am and went to bed at 11pm.  with my computer on my lap.

i am exhausted but i learned a lot.  and mostly from kim klassen.  her website and blog, along with the people that post there, have not only been a great resource for learning, but also a huge source of inspiration.  and because of how much i already learned there, i decided to take a photoshop class from kim klassen cafe.  a real class.  i already signed up, i paid and i committed.   i am scared (commit?? eeeek!) but more than that,  i am really excited!

now i have to figure out how to retain what i learn... not only on photoshop but on blogger, too.  i have to start over, re-learn, every time i use it.  i need a hard drive accessory thing for my brain, with a folder for how-to's...

meantime, i am posting some experiments... hopefully, i can remember some of how i created them :)


  1. Beautiful, I learned Photo shop years ago, and then stopped using it. I keep saying I am going to learn it again too. This is inspiring me to get it going soon! Beautiful stuff marie!

  2. It was beautiful work before you photoshopped it ... BUT ... not to disuade you, it is beautiful photoshopped too :) Good job! Photoshop can eat up your life, don't forget to take time to shoot the pictures to photoshop!

  3. all beautiful! the header too!
    i have had vacation weeks like the one you describe. they are wonderful, healing, necessary. sounds like you've had a good one!

  4. thank you all for the kind words! my cameras are all damaged (except the new point-and-shoot i got for my birthday), making shooting harding than editing right now. my auto-focus is broke on 2 lenses- the 3rd lens seemed broken too but the clerk at best buy fixed it (alleluia!). and you're right linda - it can take over your life. i lost december to a blur of "layers" but boy it was fun... thank you guys :)

  5. these are looks like you know what you are doing! i learned everything i know about photoshop on line klassen is a good teacher, so is "pioneer woman". good luck with your class, layering photos is highly addictive and sooo much fun!