Sunday, February 26, 2012

afternoon delight...

the cats eat anything that is green in this house. 
then they throw it up. 
because of that, i've stopped buying flowers, and have to hide the plants. 
but because i've been looking at so many images of flowers online these past few weeks,
i had image envy. big time.
so on saturday, i cracked.  i went and bought tulips at the grocery store. 
i spent saturday afternoon taking pictures, it was lovely.
i spent saturday night and sunday morning cleaning up cat vomit.
and in the end, fun was had by all :)

some images contain textures from Kim Klassen's Cafe,
along with her brush quotes :)
follow the link for Texture Tuesday to see more


  1. Wow Marie, I just love what you've achieved. Great work!

  2. beautiful as usual the vomit cracks me up.........i'm always gagging and almost throwing up when i have to clean up for the dogs when they get

  3. Such gorgeous images, love your processing. My cats eat flowers and plants too so I can't really have any in the house which is such a shame. I have a small spot on our mantlepiece where I can put a bunch of flowers, it's the only place they can't get to them.