Monday, February 20, 2012

fragile beauty...

back in late October, we got clobbered with 14 inches of snow.
because the trees still had leaves, the weight of the snow was devastating...
four months later, there are still broken trees everywhere you look.

i'm worried that this very strange winter is going to take a second toll on the damaged trees -
they're looking like they think it's late march, not mid-february and they're starting to show buds...

the magnolia tree in our front yard took a major hit and lost multiple branches.
it doesn't have a beautiful shape anymore, it's lopsided and funky...

and yet,
the little tree makes my heart smile :)
there she is, showing us all what true beauty and strength looks like.
as she bravely puts forth her buds,
i can hear her say...
"i am stronger than you think"

she gives me
and faith...

i love this little lady

enhanced with kim klassen's shine texture

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