Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pink pony :)

today i was looking for pink which was the theme of kim klassen's texture tuesday challenge. yesterday, before the cold night, all of the blooming trees were beautiful.
today, many of the blooms were limp and brown from the freeze. 
the magnolias were impacted the most.
but the cherry trees were just as pretty today as they were yesterday. 
they looked like the epitome of Spring :)

enhanced with 'the veil' texture from kim klassen

and then there was ponyboy, the cat.
he is a handsome boy, who looks like a pretty girl.
when we first found him, we named him bella before getting him checked out at the vet's.
the vet even thought it was a girl. but turns out bella was a boy.
it took us a while to find a new name for him but his markings look like a pinto horse (or so we thought), so we ultimately settled on ponyboy. 

every time i looked at him today, i saw pink...
pink ears, pink nose, pink toes...
so i am posting a picture of my pretty pony for pink as well :)
enhanced with kim's 'shine' texture


  1. I love cherry trees. Very pretty! And your kitty is adorable :)

  2. Both images are beautiful! Love Ponyboy!

  3. Such wonderful pictures! Love your shot of the cherry trees, lovely colours and light.

  4. Such lovely pink blossoms !
    And your cat is so so cute, wonderful portrait !
    Nice weekend,