Friday, January 18, 2013

a day away...

january is a usually a turning point for me, in my life...
when i think back over the years,
big things happen to me in the dead of winter.
  • when i was first married, we lived 500 miles from home. i felt lost, the marriage was crumbling and i didn't have any idea who i was.  somehow in january 1979, i took a stand, held my ground, and we moved home.  it was the end of the marriage and the beginning of being an adult...
  • i started with lifetouch 34 yrs ago tomorrow - that changed my life and i've been married to them ever since... for  better and for worse, through sickness and in health, through good times and in bad lol
  • i started a part time job as a waitress so i'd have enough money to remain living on my own in my little apartment.  on my first day there, i met joey.  :)
  • my sister and i took our first january vacation together to key west - the first of many...we learned so much on these trips, some of it surprising.  big things. life changing things... thank you, january, for the lessons of the green parrot :)
  • i've had some tough lessons in januarys over the years.  many work trips, many small things that led to big things.  a trip to jamaica that propelled me to change jobs and therefore change my life, a book that i read that inspired me to start a blog, a trip to arizona that helped me speak up with MY many roads along the journey seemed to begin in january...
so it is pretty fitting that tomorrow is the first day of vacation.  marilyn and i can't swing the key west trip this year so we are spending a week at cape cod.  i expect it will be a turning point.  i am trying to decide if it is time to retire from lifetouch and this week is going to let me try that on, to some degree. 
so january 2013, do your thing...
i trust you, you've been involved in many of the best decisions i have ever made. 
i am looking to you to shine your light and show me the way...


  1. I love your snow images! Your capture of the light is fantastic. Wishing you all the best this January and for the rest of the year!

    1. thank you, dianne!
      the snow has been truly beautiful this year, and i've been lucky to be in the right places at the right time :)