Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my little yellaboy...

I am beyond sad.
my last rescue, yellaboy, is back outside. 
(you can see his original story HERE:
he and his brothers opened the sliding glass door on sunday night.
I got everyone back inside but him. he got scared and ran.
we are at cape cod.
I finally managed to get him to the cape on Friday.
we spent a weekend, cuddling and loving each other.
on sunday, I was painting furniture in the garage, came in to wash the brushes
and saw the cats outside through the kitchen window.
all hell broke loose and nothing will ever be the same.
I have spent the last 60 hrs trying to find him. 
now I need him to find me.
if a boy could feel love in the air, and follow it home, I will see him again.
if that doesn't happen, I have to believe that the love we shared was enough for a lifetime.
it was just that BIG.
I took a million iPhone pics of he and I together
but nothing ever captured the way it felt. 
but this one comes close -
yellaboy, please come home.
I miss you beyond words and
love you bigger than the sky.
be good, be safe and come home soon.
asking for prayers for his safe return...