Sunday, August 4, 2013

august . . .

I took a break from everything in july.
I lost my cat and my life was turned upside down.
it isn't like I don't have other cats; I do. 
and this guy isn't more special than the others.  they are all special.
the issue is that I love these cats to pieces. 
there's a bunch of them (ok...eleven) and each one has a hard luck story.  
so when they come to me and I can't find a good home for them,
I become the good home.
so yellaboy got out.
and I came apart at the seams. 
at the same time, I had company for a week. 
they were fabulous; they helped me look for the cat.
and understood the heart-pain I was feeling because they knew the back-story of yellaboy.
he wasn't spotted until 5 days into his disappearance.
once he was spotted that first time, he started surfacing each night around dinnertime.  and he yowled pretty much all night long.
I set humane traps and caught two raccoons but no yellaboy...

towards the end of his disappearance, I saw him more regularly.
and after two weeks of tracking him, I finally caught him.
he was exhausted, had cuts all over his head and a bad case of fleas. 
but he was home.
it was a good thing.
especially at first.
we got him neutered two days after he came home. 
but he didn't seem to get the message that the party was over.
he was still all fired up, wanting to find some girls.
he yowled for love.
night after night, day after day, hour after hour.
it's been a long week since he's been home.
if it wasn't for the coyotes and foxes outside in our area, I might have let him go back out.
but with all the horror stories I was told during his disappearance by well-meaning neighbors, I couldn't take that chance. 
so until we go back to CT, yellaboy stays inside. 
hopefully, he will go back to the happy (and quiet) guy he was before his escape
and I won't have to make the choice of letting him go out. 
I don't handle that well, and it won't make things easier.
so i'm very grateful that it's now august.
I am playing along with Susannah
 for an august break.
it's so similar to Photo Hunt word-of-the day
and it is exactly what I need to pull myself together.
 so I am going to post my images from the first three days of the month on a new post and I am then embracing the hell out of august.
bring on the summer :)

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