Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a november slow-down...

November has always been a crazy busy month.
lots of family birthdays, thanksgiving get-togethers, and 80 hr work weeks at peak season...
it was intense and made a man out of me :)
this year was different.
i wished for 'different' in a big way...
and i got it.

it was a lay-low kind of time.
as the world transitioned from the end of autumn
to the beginning of winter,
i transitioned too...
i took rides,
cooked stuff to eat (barely edible but hey...)
nested, read, sat, walked. 
i retired.
then it snowed.
i was going to eat soup (from a can) and light a fire.
but instead, i ran to the beach because i could.
and it was softly beautiful.
the snow revealed the shapes and concealed the shit :)
i need more snow in my life
and so it went...
i am wandering through the month of my slow-down
with an openness to whatever may come.
some moments are harder than others to let go of the controls
but i hope to move forward loosely...
so here's to November
and here's to transitions...
a time to grow and expand
to embrace and release
go forward and retreat
to wander and ponder
 and always, god willing
to dance in the moonlight
images were enhanced using elements and snapseed,
pioneer woman's actions,
and textures from kim klassen, french kiss and jessica drossin...

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