Monday, November 11, 2013

looking back...

for years, i volunteered at a cat shelter in Connecticut. 
i spent hours at the place each week, feeding the cats,
cleaning floors, scooping litter, cuddling with homeless cats...
the amount of work that goes into running a shelter is endless,
the constant need is mind-numbing, and there is never enough money. 
however, the volunteers get the job done - here in Connecticut and all across the country. 
if ever an animal rescue organization needs help, i do whatever i can to provide whatever i can -
the need is huge.
i worked for 8 yrs at this shelter and it was extremely rewarding. 
i now have eleven inside cats, all rescues
and three cats that we feed on our decks whenever they show up...
in an effort to shine more light on a never-ending need,
i put together a calendar of some of the images i had shot at the shelter. 
this is for sale on my etsy shop (see link in right sidebar or click HERE)
and all proceeds will be donated to the cat shelter in hopes of saving many more homeless cats.
here are some images of the cats i knew at the shelter.
some had a home and lost it.
some never had a home.
some are feral and the shelter will be only home they ever know,
and they are the lucky ones. they will be warm and fed and cared for...
please help all homeless animals whenever you can.
thank you.


  1. you are my hero. I am weak and would find myself divorced and possibly homeless if I even thought of volunteering at the shelter - they would find their way to my house each and every day and while my husband is a tolerant man, it just might put him over the edge. I too put food out for strays and recurring visitors and anticipate having 3 garage kitties come winter. I do make it a point to donate food at the grocer when they have the barrels out - but even with that, I know they need more.

    1. every single thing helps! I admire what you do, you are my hero. there is so much need, it's overwhelming, yet one cat helped for one meal makes a difference. wishing you the best with the 3 garage kitties!
      ps - my husband is a saint LOL
      and I believe he went over the edge with me a few yrs back :)