Friday, November 1, 2013

hellooo november :)

today is my mom's birthday, she would have been 84 yrs old.
she died of lung cancer 11/13/08 and I miss her terribly every day.
when she died, my sisters and I divided up her plants.
I have one of her Christmas cactus plants.
and in honor of my mom's birthday, it has this beautiful flower today
this is also the first November since 1979 that I am not overloaded with retail stress.
I am going to see this month and all it's beauty :)
I am going to see the gray stuff,
the temperature drop, the election signs,
the wilting pumpkins,
the rusty dried leaves
and smile...
hellooo November, I hope to enjoy the hell out of you this go round 
one more image to add -
I bought an annual for the front step this spring, and it barely made it through the season.
I brought it inside a couple of weeks ago and it now has a few buds!
it feels like an omen, a message of new life...

so hellooo November :)


  1. I hear a voice of contentment coming from you today and for many reasons...the flower blooming on your Mom's birthday, freedom from stress and a plant with new buds....All sounds like the making of a beautiful November on it's way for you...