Wednesday, January 22, 2014

still life, week 3

this week's assignment in Cheryl McCain's class Frugal Still Life Photography
was to use 3 items, modeled after the guest blogger's example. 

thank you to Barb from Keeping With The Times 
who shared her tips and techniques as the guest blogger :)

here is my final image...

 i took quite a few shots before landing on this set up.
i knew i wanted to use the old silver container with some bittersweet vines, 
but wasn't sure what to put with it that would keep it simple but add some interest.  
after some failed attempts, i ended up using some old books i had painted white 
and some antique keys.  

i added a texture from Kim Klassen.  
the texture is called To Be and it is one of my all-time favorites. 
i considered adding a quote, but since the books had words on them, 
i left the quote off the final image.

this is the pull-back image of the set up.
i tried burlap for the table cover but it added too much texture and color. 
i liked it better when i switched to an old white tea towel.
as a background, 
i used a white foam core board, folded (i scored the board so it would fold)...
i used a 40mm lens, on 2.8 fstop, 1/160 sec.  
i did not use a tripod but had some good light in the patio area.

mister, the cat, observed but did not participate :)

sharing with cheryl's group, and also Texture Tuesday
cheryl mccain link -
barb's link -


  1. This is so beautiful ! Thank you for showing the set up and I love Mister ! :))

    1. thanks caz!
      mister is our one-eyed old guy and he gets to do whatever he wants :) he is the boss-man

  2. This turned out perfect! Love everything about it!

  3. I love the perspective of your photograph and the texture you used...It's just perfection....I also appreciate when the details of how and where are shared.....

  4. Your final image is beautiful - so dreamy. But I love the pull back with Mister in it!

  5. The keys are just lovely. And those berries provide a nice bit of color.

  6. Oh everything is right and so beautiful, love the perspective!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I've seen a number of truly artsy images this week and this is definitely one of them!

    1. I had to come back and say how gorgeous "mister" is. We have an orange tabby cat too - "Bart" - but he normally TRIES to participate unfortunately. But he's only a year old and has LOTS to learn, like "DO NOT TOUCH MY SETUPS!" LOL

    2. lol thanks!
      mister is 17 yrs old and believe me, he participated for 16 yrs :) he is a good boy and loved beyond measure

  8. This is so lovely!! The texture adds a nice soft look, and the keys were a nice touch!! Love it!!

  9. Fabulous shot & a great choice for your group of items.

  10. Hi Marie, a wonderful setting - everything in it! The old keys and the tin pot are just lovely, the light branches and the books ... wow!

  11. This is one of my favorites! I love the silver pot on the books and the keys are an inspired addition. Just gorgeous!

  12. I love this photo!!!! The berries give a nice punch of color without overpowering the various shades of neutral. I also love your spectator. He looks very helpful.