Saturday, January 4, 2014

looking at 60

there are eleven more months of being 59 yrs old.
God willing, that is :)

i want to live deeply and fully for these 11 months. 
my plan is to develop new habits that make this part of my life all that i dreamed it would be.

my twin sister and i have a facebook page called looking at 60.
as we come across anything that helps us look at 60 with new eyes, we put it on there.  

our goals for this year are simple

we want our last year as 50-something to be the year of the Good Stuff. 
What is Good Stuff?

1 - Do Good... volunteer, donate, give back, pay it forward, feed the birds, donate coats....
2 - Play... in the snow, poker, Frisbee, kickball, pool/darts, go bowling... participate, not spectate.
3 - Appreciate... buy bouquet. watch the birds. walk in the rain. go to sunrise. taste-touch-smell-hear-see... 
4 - Be Bad... say yes instead of no. take a cab to a bar, sleep naked, drink beer for breakfast, trespass, share a sin LOL 
5 - Leave a Legacy. teach someone something, make a difference, touch a stranger, share The Adventure List, gather momentum...

                                              here's to Looking at 60, may it be all and more than we hoped for :)



  1. making good habits to bring into your sixties (and seventies...eighties...) while you're still young enough to make them is a great idea! i have friends in their seventies who have warned me about the aches-and-pains and maladies associated with the sixties - i am now more than halfway through those years and am still doing okay, for an old broad that is! don't forget: 60 is the new 40. you two have the times of your lives!

    1. thanks Chris!! i am going to remember the 60 is the new 40, and go into it excited. i am loving retirement over here, even though there's been some stumbles, and i hope you are also!