Thursday, January 9, 2014

still life...

this is my first assignment with the Frugal Still Life Photography course with Cheryl McCain (who can be found HERE).

i was struggling with what to photograph for this but finally decided to use some shells.  this shell in the foreground was $1.25 at a shell store, and the ones in the background I found on the beach.

i used a curtain panel for a background. i picked it up at a garage sale last summer for ten cents.  there is no hem, and it is worn in spots but i love it for still life backgrounds.  i clipped a pant-hanger to the top and hung it off my front door.  for lighting, i used the available light coming thru the door.

i added a texture from Cheryl (i think the name texvol7 #2)
and i love how it gave the image a wash of colors.

here is a pull-back image of the set up.

looking forward to seeing everyone else's images!
thank you, cheryl!


  1. Oh my gosh, gorgeous shot and the colors are so dreamy. I LOVE it! VERY creative on your set-up too.

    1. thank you cheryl! and your textures are great, i've been enjoying them a lot!

  2. What a beautiful photograph; the texture you used is just perfection....

  3. Your still life is absolutely lovely, and I was fascinated by the set-up.

  4. what a great set up… I am feeling inspired to try again…

  5. Breathtaking & dreamy! I'm inspired by your curtain panel background, thank you for sharing.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Loved the pull back.

  7. Love the colors and what a great idea for a backdrop and your set up!

  8. So beautiful, Marie! Thank you for showing the set us as well! I look forward of seeing more of your work in the class room during the next 6 weeks,

  9. Wow, your set up worked so well! Lovely, soft image!