Thursday, March 4, 2010

aww scooter

scooter, the old lady cat who is the queen of our household, is not herself.
i am worried and sad. she is getting tinier every day.
the other 9 cats are also keeping an eye on her but probably more out of self-defense. she gets a wild hair every so often and runs straight at them, swinging her little purse over her head, yelling "you wanna piece of me????" they run for their lives, thundering down the cellar stairs, like a herd of elephants, while she stands there with her hands on her little hips, eyes fiery, poised to attack. and attack she will. and they all know it.

big boys afraid of little old girls makes me proud to be a little old girl.
you go, scooter-pie. don't take any crap.
now, put your purse down and take a nap, you need your rest.

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