Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventure List

my sister and i have spent the last 12 years doing The List. we created lists of adventures - big and small - and did amazing stuff. we learned loads of lessons and shared so many special moments. it brought life to our lives.
but the past few years, The List seemed to lose its power. it used to be if we wanted something to get done, all we had to do is put it on The List. nowadays, not so much. now, we feel guilty, disappointed, even lazy because of what we are not doing.
so this week, i tried to get the power of The List back. i figured spring is the season of new beginnings, of new life. and Lord knows, i need a new beginning and new life in my life. so i decided to pick a word every day and photograph that word. very simple - not enough to suck away a lot of time, but enough to make me stretch.
and it worked. i had a lovely week. i doubt that i changed my life the way that The List did. but i certainly feel more aware of my surroundings, more committed to stretching myself in some way every day, more joyful and more creative. it's a good start - a good beginning...

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