Thursday, March 18, 2010

luck of the irish...

wednesday's word to photograph was animal. i could have taken the easy way out and photographed any one of the 10 cats that i have easy access to, but decided to take a walk to my new favorite spot, my puddle-pond where i found my green on sunday. maybe my duck friends would be there...
the water was still, with reflections of the sky and trees - but no animals were in sight. but it was pretty enough, so i took a few shots.
as i was doing that, a stranger's voice called out from the nearby building, asking me what i was photographing. kind of embarrassed, i yelled back 'nothing, but it's pretty, isn't it?' and he answered 'yeah, but there's deer over on the edge of the parking lot, maybe you could get a picture of them.'
deer?? this is a parking lot of a big medical building, with a big puddle, on the edge of a busy road. deer?? so i run over and look, and there they were - 3 deer.
i watched them as they watched me and we played this game for at least 10 or 15 pictures.
in my excitement, i started to move too fast and spooked them. they ran away and as they left, they spooked a hawk who flew right over me.

i was twice-lucky. it sure is good to be irish...

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