Sunday, April 1, 2012

orange day

today, the word to photograph was orange...
my first thought was that orange is not an easy word to find in spring,
much easier to find in summer or fall. 

but it was sunday,
i was off of work and looking for orange was a better option
than cleaning the house. so i went for a ride :)

within minutes of hitting the road, i saw a robin with an orange breast...
it flew away too soon but spooked a hawk which flew right up in front of me -
how's that for orange day??
but i really was looking for flowers today
and orange flowers in spring are not that common.

after wandering along the river,
i ended up in a small neighborhood where the residents apparently love to garden :) 

i found a single tulip and lucky for me, it was a deep rich orange...

and across the street, i found those daffodils that have the orange faces :)
these little beauties brought a smile to my face and life to a gray day...

images enhanced with textures from Kim Klassen at

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