Saturday, April 28, 2012

going home...

today, i pack up and head back to Connecticut.
my vacation is over, got to leave the cape and go back to work...
i miss my cats, i miss my house, i miss the woods and the river at home.
but i don't want to leave here.

here, i feel a little bit more calm, more peaceful. 
once i get back, work feels different.   i work from the cape and its definitely work, not play.  but it feels a bit less intense, a bit less frenetic.  when i get home, work takes over and i squeeze life in, around it.  when i'm here at the cape, life comes first, and i also work. 

there is a lesson for me in those two sentences. 
the location i work from is not the deal, my attitude is what makes the difference.
i think that lesson could change my life if i can remember it when i get back home.

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