Saturday, April 7, 2012

if not NOW, then when...

on monday, kim's challenge for the beyond layers class was to work on reducing procrastination,
 not only in the artistic side of life but in every other aspect also.  
all week, i thought i embraced the thought thoroughly.
i DID instead of planning on doing.
i shot the 'word of the day' on photo hunt on facebook every day. and i posted them. 
i got a lot done at work that i'd been putting off, including my expense report (!). 
i even took a walk one morning,
instead of depending on pacing when on the phone to get my exercise. 
i was feeling pretty confident that i had put aside procrastinating for the week, at least...

on friday night, i was determined to continue to GET THINGS DONE. 
the photo challenge for the B/L class was 'pastels'.
and the word of the day on fbk was 'simple'. 
in my quest to get things done, i was going to do a simple pastel :) 
multi-tasking was the deal.

i went and bought some flowers, pulled out an antique vase
and set up the picture in the setting sun at the back door. 
the sun was fading fast and timing was critical,
if i was going to get the shot i had planned in my head. 

but pony had a different plan.  
he wanted to participate. 
no amount of holding him with one hand, shooting with the other hand, was going to work. 
he wanted to smell the flowers. 
finally, i had to let him, just to get it over with. 

and there was the shot i needed.

but bigger than that was the lesson that i needed...

i was on a mission to do, do, DO...
it took kim's message of 'if not NOW, then when?'
combined with pony's insistence on 'stop to smell the flowers' to get through to me. 

sometimes it is time to stop.
sometimes doing isn't everything. 
because sometimes its about appreciation, not action.  
life happens in those moments and it's oh-so-easy to miss them...

appreciating the simple pleasures is what gives a life the sweet moments of joy,
and we all (even pony) need some joy right about now

if not now, then when???

picture enhanced with NOW texture from kim klassen, along with multiple adjustment layers
and a framed effect

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