Sunday, April 15, 2012

double the fun

so this week has been intense...
it started out with the challenge to take self portraits on the beyond layers course with kim klassen.

my twin sister and i have done
the hold-the-camera out in front of ourselves
for the past few years
 and have loved having the pics to look back at.
so i thought this would not only be fun,
but a great project to do for a year. 
i called my sister, marilyn, and we decided that
we'd each do it individually for 365 days. 
it was a big commitment for each of us but it felt right.

we're 57 yrs old and looking for what we're calling 'fulfillment over fifty' and this seemed like a great starting point.  who are we, at 57? 

day 1 was a good time - we both liked it alot. we sent images back and forth through the beauty of cell phones.  fun stuff :)

day 2 was still ok -
the project seemed do-able, the pics were still fun...
i created a new blog to keep track of it all. 
and i was looking forward to day 3...

day 3 was a horror story. 
we both started to realize we have gotten older. 
good grief, we may even have gotten freaking old. 
and that f-word is the cleaned-up freaking (again, cleaned-up...) version. 
no amount of blurriness, or over-exposure was going to hide the fact, from myself anyway...
day 3 hurt.
 neither one of us was ready to give up the project but i can say that body parts other than my freaking (yes, again...) face were going to be center stage all year long.

day 4, i was wiser. 
feet do not look old,
when they are covered with shoes...

and i actually love this picture. 

day 5 was Friday. 
Friday the 13th.  i had concerns. 
my self-esteem was shaky.   i didn't want to feel like i looked old anymore. 
on the other hand, i can't take pictures of my feet all year.  and i really wanted the year to be a learning experience, showing me to myself, finding out who i have grown into.  
i had taken more than 100 pictures of myself this week. 
some i liked, some i hated but i did learn stuff. 
i learned like to walk.  and i need to get a haircut. 
and i can hide the belly fat at this time of year.
all good things to know... 

so i went for another walk at the river to find a good picture for how i was feeling... 
i wandered the roads and pathways, looking for something that would speak to me. nothing seemed meaningful. as i turned around to walk back to the car, thinking i would go home and take a picture of my hands with a beer in each one of them, i walked into the fading light of the day.  and all of a sudden, it seemed perfect.  utterly perfect. 

me, from behind, walking into the light...  
it felt like a picture of what i want to get out of this year. 
i loved it. 
i went home and drank the two beers, in honor of my breakthrough :)

and then, one last picture, to finish the week of painful growth...

 enhanced with kim's textures and brush.
thank you for the week of wisdom. i think :)

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