Friday, May 10, 2013

may love

i am helping out at the local plant store this week -  just a few days to help them through the busiest week of the year.
spring planting and mother's day makes things a bit crazy for them. 
this place is literally in my backyard.
7 of our cats came from litters that were born in the nursery's greenhouses. 
the people that own the place are wonderful. 
so spending some hours surrounded by spring flowers and great people...
it doesn't get much better :)
i offered to put together a facebook page for them,
and got to photograph the entire place.
flowers, statues, flowers, garden art and ... more flowers :)
this is one of the pics, more to follow...
check it out when you get a chance - it is brand new and will evolve but you can get a feel for this cool little neighborhood nursery...
click on the link below to see the page :)
The Growth Co

sharing with Mona's Picturesque and
her Floral Love...

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you! its one of my fave flowers :)

  2. Such a pretty fuchsia! Love the bokeh effect framing it!

    1. thank you gemma, i love that bokeh too :)

  3. Stunning! Gorgeous work!
    Thank you for joining Floral Love ♥