Monday, May 27, 2013

the light . .

sometimes the light that speaks to me, that shows me the way, is hard to find.
i can get lost in an instant...
or i can unknowingly be lost for a while.
when i realize that the light is gone,
it takes a whole bunch of alone time to get it back.
my mind needs silence, my soul needs nature
and my spirit needs to spill out of a pen onto paper
for me to get where i can see again.
today i thankfully found the light...
i remember again where my passion for photography comes from.
i somehow have to keep this moment of awareness
so when the light fades again,
and i find myself looking to etsy, flickr, facebook, blogs for outside approval,
i can return to this post and remember...
it is not what people think of me that feeds me.
it's the photography that feeds me.
it's the beauty in the world around me.
when i look through the lens, i see things that i otherwise would miss.

when i look at a photograph of an ordinary thing,
it looks like the awesome-ness of a God that created it.
when i capture something that could be totally insignificant,
and see it instead at the beautiful thing that it is,
i find the light.
when i get into other people's heads,
i lose my soul.
i am posting this message to myself and
hope i don't have to go here again.


  1. Thank you for sharing not only these beautiful images, but your honest and thoughtful words! I too, will return to your post to remember.........

    1. thank you dianne, i had to revisit the post a few times already :)